Fixed InstallationTesting

Hard wire testing & periodic inspection

All Fixed Installation testing is carried out in accordance with Institute of Electrical Engineers 17th Edition, Wiring Regulations (BS7671) Guidance Note 3. All our Fixed Installation Test engineers are fully C&G Qualified.

What Is Fixed Installation Testing?
This is also referred to as "Hard Wire Testing" or as a "Periodic Inspection" Essentially it is the testing of the electrical systems and services that conduct electricity around the building hence the term "Hard Wire Testing"

How Often Should This Testing Be Done?
For most commercial and educational establishments the recommended time frame between tests is 5 years. There are exceptions to this for example places of public entertainment and licensed premises as well as industrial premises. Please contact us if you are unsure of the frequency of inspection for your installation.

Do I Have To Have My Installation Tested?
Generally the answer to this is yes. Not only is it a recommendation under the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, it is also a recommendation from the insurance companies, they may increase premiums if testing is not carried out.

Periodic Inspection
A Periodic Inspection is an inspection on the condition of an existing electrical installation, to identify (in order of priority) any deficiencies against the national safety standard for electrical installations.

A periodic inspection will:
- reveal if any of your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded
- find any potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards in your electrical installation
- identify any defective DIY electrical work
- highlight any lack of earthing or bonding
Tests are also carried out on wiring and associated fixed electrical equipment to check that it is safe. A schedule of circuits will also be provided, which is invaluable for a property.

Why is a periodic inspection needed?
Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age. It is important for the person responsible for the maintenance of the installation to be sure that the safety of users is not put at risk, and that the installation continues to be in a safe and serviceable condition.

According to Government statistics, each year on average 10 people die and about 750 are seriously injured in accidents involving unsafe electrical installations in the home

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